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–  Have you always wished that you were creative but you have heard yourself say “All I can draw is a stick figure!”  Maybe just maybe all you need is someone to show you how?

– OR perhaps you have been spending ALL your time on others and now is the time to do something for yourself! 

– Do you worry about not “Being good enough” or “experienced enough” to go along to an art class?

If this sounds like you, let me help you in your creative journey. Hi, I’m Belinda Lindhardt, I am a self-taught artist & illustrator based in Sydney Australia.

Belinda Lindhardt Workshop 7th September 2016

WHY take a class with me?

As I mentioned, I am self-taught – I don’t have an arts degree, I actually failed drawing to get into my design course when I got out of high school. I knew though, I wanted to be doing something creative but I never really had much experience painting or been to an art class. My learning has come from working with other artists in their classes, taking many many online classes, tutorials, reading books but mostly I practice and I give it a go! Over the years I have developed a bunch techniques in a bunch of mediums that aren’t based on academic study but based on practical ways to develop in creativity and art. These include all of the materials, techniques etc but also blocks in mindset, blocks in creativity and things that can stop you from creating even though you love it and you ‘zone out’ when you do. 

I encourage all my students to learn from what I have learnt (by showing many different ways of working), giving it a go and seeing what works for them as I help them along the way. I am big on experimenting and learning new ways to see your own work in a way that you can improve with each thing you do (even if you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder), there is never perfect, there is never getting it right the first time, there is lots of fun and experimentation and my passion is helping people find their passion and joy in creativity along the way.  

These online art classes have been designed to help specifically designed to help you:

  • Take an art class from the comfort of your own home at YOUR own pace, there is no need to worry about travelling or keeping up with a class schedule you can pop in at any time and pick up right where you left off.  
  • SHORT lessons – for people who don’t have huge amounts of time especially when trying something out each video lesson is UNDER 20mins so that you can watch it in short blocks of time! 
  • The lessons start right at the beginning, so for all of our Basic Lessons, you don’t need to be experienced so you won’t feel like you are out of your depth. If you are experienced this is a great way to learn a new technique. 
  • Each lesson includes practical exercises for you to follow along with, I am a big believer in “learning by doing” so you are invited to not only watch the videos and read the companion book but also follow along and to the exercises to gain the most from the lessons. 
  • Start small with not a massive time, energy or financial commitment – Chose a one-off class  OR  if you would like motivation and support of  Belinda is here to help in BONUS live classes if you choose to be a part of our supportive community to get help and be able to ask questions along the way. 

‘You don’t have to become an ‘artist’ you just have to enjoy creativity, be open to learning and experimenting with your own creativity. Art has become my way to de-stress, express myself, and a way to connect with other like minded people. It has also been a way to heal myself and manage my own mindset, if this is something you are looking to do I would love to help you get there too.’


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Purchase the Acrylics Basics Class (Pay per class -one time)  by the 30th August and you will also receive access to the Coloured Pencil Class when it comes live in late August/Early September 2018.  

FREE online Art Class

This is a FREE mini class for you to see how the Techniques Tutor website works and help you see whether you enjoy taking online art classes. 

Coming Soon

Acrylics Basics

Learn how to get started with Acrylics Paints.

$39 inc GST  – one-off class

Coloured Pencil Techniques – Starters

 No Experience necessary to learn the fundamentals of creating coloured pencil artworks in a realistic style. This is an online version of my 1 day live class. 

Coming in August 2018

Techniques Tutor with Belinda provides you with step by step instructions to learn art techniques from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.  The lessons are with tips and tricks as well as practical exercises to help you find your way on your art journey in whichever class you decide to take. The video lessons & downloadable guides are designed to help you build confidence, learn and grow whether you wish to take art up more seriously or whether you just wish to do this as a way to be more creative in your daily life. 

As we are in launch phase we invite you to take advantage of our specials and provide us feedback on how the class works for you (more classes added soon). We also hold monthly live classes based on themes as part of our support program, providing you with ongoing motivation & support in your art journey. Read more about the support programme HERE.

NEW CLASSES Coming Soon…

Belinda would like to offer these classes very soon, based on popularity.
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Mixed media 101

Keen to get started learning how to mix different materials together to create interest, texture and freshen up your way of working?

Faces Drawing

Would you like to learn the basics for drawing faces?

Intuitive Painting

Do you get too caught up in the details & need to loosen up?
This course will be walking you through Belinda’s intuitive painting processes. 


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